Friday, 13 May 2011

UK Handmade & Tea Shop Preparations

We're super excited that Handmade UK have featured our Fair in their Events section!

Also, our lovely volunteer waitresses are all really excited about the vintage style tea shop and after seeing me sporting a vintage style navy tea dress, they decided to buy themselves the dress to wear for their waitressing uniform. Fab waitresses we have, not only volunteering, but taking it upon themselves to kit themselves out in vintage style dresses. We would have course have loved to buy their whole uniform for them but with the tea shop being for charity we couldn't justify the cost of four dresses. They will be wearing their dresses with pretty white cotton, lace edged, half aprons and a post box red nails. The dresses are gorgeous and are from Biba's Barbara Hulanicki's new range for Asda.


  1. They looked gorgeous on! xx

  2. Love those dresses!! Sounds like it's going to be a fab day! Px