Friday, 27 January 2012

Our latest Flyer!

Hi everyone, here's our new flyer for the March 4th Vintage & Handmade Fair. I will of course be creating a button for you lovely people to share with others on your blog. 

The button will be up just as soon as I've mastered the technology of it all! I struggle every time and think, 'aha, that was all I had to do. I'll remember that for next time...'. I swear by Serendipity Child's Grab My Button tutorial. I've just searched back in Helen's blog to find it and have tucked the post away in my 'favourites'. I use it every time I need to make a blogger button!

The back of the flyer
Look out for our Facebook event page too! I'll be setting this up in a week or so and you'll be able to find it using the Facebook Event icon in the sidebar, which will be active once the event page is set up. You can already follow Blighty Boutique using the Facebook icon in the sidebar!

Amy xxx

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